Few Basics About Winstrol Cycles And Stacks

Winstrol or Winstrol V, commonly referred to among the users as Winny or Winny V is really a popular brand name of the drug which itself is called stanozolol, a particular variant of steroid. Stanozolol differs from pure testosterone in that it is a dihydrotestosterone derivative. Now, before we go into the topic of Winstrol cycles, here are a few basic facts about the drug which may also help you make an informed decision on whether or not to use it on your stacking cycle and also the precautions that must be taken while one is using Winstrol.

The drug is manufactured in many unauthorized or so-called underground laboratories around the country and is available both in injectable and tablet forms. The tablet or pills normally come in 10mg and 50mg varieties and are, in most occasions, preferred by recreational users who prefer to stay away from the needle option. The injectable variety is available in vials and one administers the liquid via an intra-muscular injection.

As for the oral variant, winstrol tablets, unlike some other oral steroid such as Dianabol pills, come with a long active life in your body. This is convenient for the user since there is no need to split one’s daily dosage in order to maintain stable blood levels. Winstrol or stanozolol stays active in our body to up to 2 days, which means you can safely consume your daily dose at one go. It doesn’t make much of a difference what time of the day you take your pills or if you are taking them before or after your meals. However, for safety’s sake, it is preferable that you take them before a meal, so as to offset any chances of a stomach upset.

Winstrol Cycles & Winstrol Stacks

One particular positive with the drug stanozolol is that it does not cause any water retention in the muscle tissues and instead, helps in solid and steady gains of muscle tissue to a good degree. This is why winstrol is popular with many anabolic users who prefer to stack it with other steroids during a cycle. The bodybuilders most commonly use the drug for ‘cutting phase’ cycles. In other words, they go on a winstrol cycle or stack when their primary goal is to reduce body fat while at the same time preserving lean muscle mass.

However, it is not uncommon to stack winstrol with other steroids even when you are looking to build muscle tissue. This is due to the fact that the drug has the ability to increase the anabolic effects of the stack, at the same time adding no ostrogen effects to the cycle. For example, winstrol is often used in the stack within such popular steroid cycles such as the inverted pyramid cycle or the double mini cycle.

However, if you choose a winstrol stack during a cutting phase, it is a good idea to stack the drug with another steroid such as Trenbolone. Stacking of this kind will help the user to accomplish a defined and toned-down physique and will preserve muscle mass, which means he can concentrate on his body fat reducing endeavors (via diet, cardio, and so on) without worrying about losing muscle tissue.