Fish Oil Supplements: Miracle Or Curse?

You’ve seen the ads that tell you that such and such a product has Omega 3. We are also told time and time again that we need the nutritional benefits of Omega 3 in our diet as if our very lives depend on it. But despite the medical claims, none of them have actually bothered to explain to us what Omega 3 in fish oil is and how it’s good for ones health. Because, make no mistake about it, Omega 3 and fish oil supplements do work, the question is, How. Learn more about how fish oil supplements can change your life.

Excellent Brainfood

The most important health benefit of fish oil supplementation is that fish oil is literally brain food. The thing is, the brain is largely made up of fats, a staggering sixty percent! But more than half of that are DHA fats, which are found in fish oil. Now, because that’s such a large amount of fats on which brain activity relies, it’s only natural that you will have to take supplementation through your diet to get a real kick! With sufficient doses of Omega you will have enhanced memory, heightened concentration, and improved learning abilities, which is part of the reason parents are encouraged to incorporate fish into the family diet for the benefit of the children. And because of that, fish oil is a great preventative form of therapy to prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Secondly, fish oil supplements have anti-inflammatory properties. Whether it’s arthritis, joint pain or general skin inflammation, a fish oil tablet is all it takes to reduce the swelling over time. But it would be incomplete to leave it at that because inflammations can have far reaching consequences, like strokes and heart attacks. So it’s not just important that you take supplements when you have inflammations, but to take fish regularly to increase your body’s ability to fight inflammations.

Fish oil is widely considered a miracle treatment for a host of conditions, ailments and diseases. Considering the many health benefits, incorporating supplements into your diet is therefore a smart idea going forward.